Semester Abroad Program

Semester Abroad Program (SAP) - Outbound

As an autonomous institution, Sri Eshwar encourages interested students to study 6 months to one year in a collaborating overseas university. All the processes required in this regard are facilitated by the Centre for International Relations. Students interested in the SAP are requested to register with the Centre for International Relations in the prescribed format, at least 3 months in advance so that the necessary arrangements can be made.

The students interested in the SAP are requested to note the following points:

  • The students who possess a CGPA of 8 and above will only be eligible for the SAP
  • The recommendation for the students for the SAP should be duly approved by the HOD and Principal
  • The students will be encouraged to take up the SAP only in the collaborating universities
  • As a gesture, the management of Sri Eshwar will sponsor XX% of the cost incurred by the students who opt for SAP

Semester Abroad Program (SAP) – Inbound

As Sri Eshwar encourages its students to take up SAP with collaborating overseas universities, it also encourages students from its collaborating overseas universities to study or carry out research activities at its campus for a semester. The students from overseas universities are requested to take note of the following points:

  • The admission for the SAP (inbound) will be based on the terms and conditions stated in the MOU between Sri Eshwar and the collaborating university.
  • Students from collaborating universities have to get the approval of their HOD and Head of the institution, for Sri Eshwar to process their admission for inbound SAP
  • Any processing fee by the collaborating university or the respective governments for the inbound SAP shall be borne by the students
  • As a gesture, the tuition fee is fully waived by Sri Eshwar for the inbound SAP students, and the students are expected to pay their hostel and mess fees, prescribed from time to time
  • The inbound students for SAP should possess a valid students visa. No other Visas will be entertained.
  • As the medium of instruction at Sri Eshwar is English, the inbound SAP students are expected to possess good proficiency in spoken and written English language.
  • The filled in forms for inbound SAP shall be submitted to the office of the CIR for processing
  • The management of Sri Eshwar will have the discretion to admit or reject the application of students opting for inbound SAP.

    Admission enquiry for the batch 2020