Global Alliances


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Global Collaborations (or) Alliances

The Centre for International Relations has been constantly endeavoring to strike collaboration with overseas universities. Sri Eshwar has signed MOUs and collaborates with scores of overseas universities on various aspects.

The collaborating international universities include University of Southern Queensland, Australia, Shizuoka University, Japan, University of Malaya, Malaysia, National Taipei University, Taiwan, Tsingua and Qingdao Universities, China.

Center for International Relations

Objectives of MOU:

  • To provide possibilities of students and staff academic exchanges
  • To explore possibilities of joint research activities
  • To potentially work together on research initiatives, collaborative research publication, exchange of reports and other academic materials and information


  • Visited University with a group of 54 students and 4 faculty from 12.6.2018 to 16.6.2018
  • 10 students completed an internship at UM from 12.6.2018 to 16.6.2018
  • International Advisory Board- Dr.Sri Devi Ravana, Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya has become one of the members from 26.11.2019.
  • 33 students and 3 faculty members visited University of Malaya from 29.06.2019 to 3.7.2019.
  • 13 students and 1 faculty visited University of Malaya from 17.07.2022 to 29.07.2022.

Single Point of Contact  : Dr.P.John Augustine, Professor/CSE


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