IQAC Forms
S.No Form No. Description Download link
1. IQAC/2023/001/a Combined form for Permission, Transport, Accomodation, Seminar Hall, Refreshment, Poster Design, Stage Arrangements, Printing & Renumeration/Trophy/Gift Click here
2. IQAC/2023/001/b Event Budget Estimate with advance Request form Click here
3. IQAC/2023/001/c Settlement form Click here
4. IQAC/2023/001/d Request for Advance/Travel Advance (only) Click here
5. IQAC/2023/001/e Transport Requisition  
6. IQAC/2023/001/f Food and Refreshments  
7. IQAC/2023/001/g Guest House Booking Form  
8. IQAC/2023/001/h Seminar Hall Booking Form  
9. IQAC/2023/001/i Item Request Form  
10. IQAC/2023/002/a Request for Purchase of Equipment / Consumables / Software / Books etc  
11. IQAC/2023/002/b Bill Passing/Payment Advance for the Purchase of Equipment / Consumables / Software / Books etc  
12. IQAC/2023/003 On Duty Form  


IQAC Checklist Details
S.No Checklist No. Description Download Link
1. IQAC/CL/001 Check List for Organizing Event  
2. IQAC/CL/002 Check List for Participating Event  
3. IQAC/CL/003 Check List for Placement Drive Organised  
4. IQAC/CL/004 Check List for Placement / Higher Education / Entrepreneurship Development Cell Training organized  
5. IQAC/CL/005 Check List for Placement Drive Attended  
6. IQAC/CL/006 Check List for Students/Faculty Exchange  
7. IQAC/CL/007 Check List for Organizing Placement Event  

    Admission enquiry for the batch 2020