Centre for Blockchain and Cybersecurity


Centre for Blockchain and Cybersecurity

Welcome to the Centre for Blockchain and Cybersecurity!

Our centre is dedicated to exploring and advancing the fields of blockchain consensus algorithms, smart contract security, cryptographic protocols, privacy-enhancing technologies, and threat intelligence. We are committed to advancing the understanding and application of these critical domains to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age. The center brings together a diverse community of experts, including researchers, industry professionals, and thought leaders, who collaborate to push the boundaries of knowledge and drive meaningful advancements. Our multidisciplinary approach combines technical expertise, research excellence, and industry partnerships to deliver cutting-edge solutions and insights. We are committed to conducting research, providing education and training, and fostering collaborations to address the emerging challenges and opportunities in these domains.

Our Vision

Our vision at the Centre for Centre for Blockchain and Cybersecurity is to be a globally recognized centre of excellence at the forefront of blockchain technology and cybersecurity, driving transformative innovation, shaping policy, and fostering a secure and trustworthy digital future.Together, we can harness the potential of blockchain technology, strengthen cybersecurity defences, and drive innovation that positively impacts businesses, governments, and society as a whole.

Our Mision

  • Create a trusted digital platform by integrating advanced infrastructure
  • To promote research to address challenges inreal time applications
  • Establishcore training inthe field of Blockchain and Cybersecurity
  • Build a network among researchers, industry experts, and government agencies to foster
    knowledge exchange.

Focal Areas

  • Blockchain-based systems for making authorized and efficient e-services, e-voting, and e-
  • Blockchain-based privacy in peer-to-peer computing in cloud-based systems and
  • Security and privacy techniques, management, and protocols for database support
  • Blockchain for cybersecurity
  • Blockchain for decentralized systems and applications
  • Platforms for decentralized consensus (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Ripple,
    Open Blockchain, etc.)
  • New threat models and attacks on existing blockchain technologies
  • Defenses and countermeasures for blockchain technologies
  • Blockchain for IoT applications
  • AI-Enabled Blockchain

Core Team

Dr. S.R.Ashok Kumar

Associate Professor,
Department of Computer and Communication Engineering,
Centre Head.
Email: [email protected]

Dr. R.Menaha

Associate Professor,
Department of Information and Technology,


Assistant Professor,
Department of Computer and Communication Engineering,


    Admission enquiry for the batch 2020