Student Leadership Council

Student Leadership Council

With an objective of developing Sri Eshwar into a student driven institution, the management has established Sri Eshwar Student Leadership Council. The SLC members take every step to make the 4- year period, a memorable and enriching experience for the students. 

SLC Members manage the day-to-day activities of various critical verticals of the institution including NCC, Fine Arts,Media & Branding, Sports,Tamil Mandram, Higher Education, Entrepreneurship, Amenities, Learning Centre, Technical Clubs, Departments, Hostels, Women Cell, Discipline & Grooming, SESWA, and Mentoring. 

Each vertical is lead by a President and Vice President with supporting members, who take up, end-to-end responsibility for managing the vertical.  In addition to the vertical leaders, a student ambassador separately for Boys and Girls is selected.Members of every vertical extend their voluntary support for the events of other verticals and make the events memorable and successful, reflecting unity.

All the members of the SLC are selected through a transparent evaluation process.  The nominated students are evaluated for their Leadership, Attitude, Communication and Presentation skills.  Each of the recruited leaders hold office for one year.  The leaders of the various verticals come up with an action plan for their verticals with target dates.  The required budget is also allocated for carrying out the identified initiatives.Through this process, the student leaders get exposure to planning, execution, finance management and reporting of various initiatives. Celebrities are invited for various events to make the events memorable and fun-filled.  

The SLC members hold frequent interactions with the students and carry out initiatives that fulfil their expectations, leading to students delight.  

With most of the student related activities being managed by students, Sri Eshwar has established itself as a student driven institution. 


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