Centre of Excellence/Industry Powered Laboratories

Industry Powered Laboratories

At Sri Eshwar, engineering education is propelled by the Industry through the 20+ Industry Powered Laboratories established in collaboration with leading companies across engineering branches.  A complete eco-system has been developed and put into implementation to get the best out of these Industry Powered Laboratories. 

Salient Features of Sri Eshwar’s Industry Powered Laboratories (IPL):

  • Establish partnership with a company
  • Establish IPL for a specific technology through the partnering company
  • Define an annual plan for various activities to be carried out from the specified IPL
  • Get the faculty trained on the latest technologies
  • Train the students on specific skills defined by the partnering company
  • Tutoring and mentoring by the industry experts from the partnering company
  • Internship at the partnering company
  • Final year project execution on use cases given by partnering company
  • Joint review of the IPL activities by Sri Eshwar and the Partnering Company members


Following are the Industry Powered Laboratories that have been established for various departments in collaboration with leading companies.:

Department of EEE/ECE:

  • Mitsubishi Electric Powered Advanced Factory Automation & Robotics Lab
  • National Instruments Powered Labview Academy
  • CISCO Powered Networking Lab
  • Caliber Interconnect Powered Telecom Network Lab
  • Tejas Networks Powered TCP & Simulation Lab
  • Texas Instruments Powered Analog Systems Design Lab
  • Texas Instruments Powered Embedded Systems Lab
  • Messer Cutting Systems Powered Thermal Cutting Lab

Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Engineering, Careers Geared into fast track . Propelled by the industry, Powered by Sri Eshwar.
  • SECE has established fully functional Industry Powered Laboratories in collaboration with leading
    companies from where students execute industry assigned projects.
  • Sri Eshwar College of Engineering has made a significant step forward in its quest to train their
    students on emerging technologies in all branches of engineering.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • ROOTS Industries Powered IC Engines Lab
  • Aquasub Powered Manufacturing Technology Lab
  • Sysnautix Powered Industrial Product Design Lab
  • Solid Works Powered CAD Lab
  • Elgi Equipments Powered Air Compressor Lab

Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • AQUA group Powered Manufacturing Technology Lab
  • ROOTS Powered IC Engines Lab
  • SYSNAUTIX Powered Industrial product Lab
  • Solidworks Powered CAD Lab
  • ELGi Powered Compressor Lab

Department of CSE/IT

  • Virtusa Centre of Excellence for Talend and Full Stack Java
  • Aspire Systems Centre of Excellence for Full Stack Java
  • BizTalk360 Centre of Excellence for Microsoft Technologies
  • Cloud Kinetics Powered Cloud Technology Lab

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