Amazon Daily Cricket Trivia

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Amazon Daily Cricket Trivia

Amazon Daily Cricket Trivia

In the face of a prolonged drought, in which country do 3.5 million citizens have no access to tap water suitable for drinking?

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In 2023, which Asian city will be the most polluted in the world, according to air quality monitoring company IQAir?

Q. Between 65 and 145 million years ago, which of these rivers flowed into the Pacific Ocean, in the opposite direction to where it flows today?

Amazon Daily Quiz is a short quiz competition conducted daily by Amazon India on its mobile app. All Amazon users can participate in this quiz and have the opportunity to win interesting prizes.

To participate in the Amazon Funzone daily quiz, simply open the Amazon app, visit the quiz section and play the Amazon quiz.

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You must be an Amazon user to participate in the Amazon Daily Quiz. All Amazon users can participate in the trial for free.

No, to take this quiz you must use the Amazon mobile site or mobile app. You cannot access the “Funzone” section from the desktop.

There are 5 questions and you must answer each question correctly to be eligible for the drawing.

Amazon Daily Cricket Trivia

You can find all the Amazon Daily Quiz Answers here on this page. Also, all the answers uploaded here are correct.

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Yes, many users have won the Amazon test. You can view the list of winners on this page via the link provided.

Anyone who takes the quiz and answers all questions correctly will automatically be entered into a drawing. There is no human intervention and the winners are selected randomly from the pool and get interesting prizes.

The winner of the Amazon Daily Quiz must click on the link sent to them via email or SMS and accept the terms and conditions of the quiz to receive the reward. This task must be done within 7 days of receiving the SMS/email.

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Winners are notified by SMS or email from Amazon Seller Services Private Ltd and prizes are sent to their verified address and if the prize is Amazon Pay balance, it reflects the winning Amazon Pay accounts within of a certain time. period.

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Today everything revolves around the answers to Amazon questionnaires. Good luck and win! Keep watching this space for the latest answers to Amazon’s daily quizzes.

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Best_Deal_Hunter wrote: Who are those dimers if you know? If so, what kind of gifts did they receive and how?

Amazon Daily Cricket Trivia

Kukdookoo wrote: Where is the testing section in the app? Go to Amazon app, search for funzone, click on funzone, all the quizzes are there.

Amazon Cricket Trivia Quiz

Amit.Saha wrote: Go to Amazon app, search for funzone, click on funzone, all the quizzes are there. Saha saab can you post a screenshot of where exactly?

Best_Deal_Hunter wrote: @kukdookoo did anyone at Dimers recently win an iPhone 13 playing Amazon Quiz? Who is that lucky creature? I have been playing for last 5 years and never won even 10 Rs.

Best_Deal_Hunter wrote: @kukdookoo did anyone at Dimers recently win an iPhone 13 playing Amazon Quiz? Yes paji.sab kismat ki baat hai.idhar to aajtak 1rs.bhi nahi aya

Gulag-Survivor wrote: Who is that lucky creature? I have been playing for last 5 years and never won even Rs 10😂 same here

Cricket Quiz Questions

Kukdookoo wrote: Yes paji.sab kismat ki baat hai.idhar to aajtak 1rs.bhi nahi aya yes but keep trying.

I won 100 rupees in an Amazon contest before 2 years. Only once in years.

Mimifrieda30113 wrote: How can I win a giveaway? For that, you must first read this book. Wipro Smart Home has a range of Alexa-powered products, especially in the lighting range. They also ran a TVC campaign highlighting the safety aspects of contactless operation despite the ongoing pandemic. When the IPL sports season was about to begin, Wipro wanted to connect with its potential customers and spread awareness about its smart lighting option during the IPL.

Amazon Daily Cricket Trivia

Alexa users who are also cricket fans regularly ask Alexa about everything cricket related when there are important cricket matches such as when is the next match, what was the final score of yesterday’s match and others. At a time when the IPL is eagerly awaited across the country, reaching out to this audience who are loyal to the sport and those who already use Alexa for their needs, provided a great opportunity to connect with potential smart home customers.

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There is already an Alexa skill called Daily Cricket Trivia, where every day we will ask users 3 questions based on cricket trivia. Correct answers will give you points and then you will compete with other players on the leaderboard.

When Wipro approached us with their product mix, we brainstormed with the Alexa team and came up with a very novel experiment. First, we have created test content focused specifically on the IPL, so that cricket enthusiasts can find the skill as an extension of the action on the field. Next, our real innovation is that for the first time, we’re trying to show incentivized ads to Alexa users within a query. We have created a lifeline feature in our quiz, where, if a user answers a question incorrectly, he has the opportunity to avail a lifeline by listening to a message from our sponsor. We created an audio ad focusing on Wipro Smart Lights and cricket.

To top it all off, we’re even hosting a skills contest where we’ll be giving out prizes to those who top the weekly and overall rankings. Thus, when a user gives a wrong answer, the prizes at stake motivate them to opt for one more lifeline.

Finally, we’ve included account linking so we can contact the winners and send them the prizes. We’ve added an easy way for Alexa users to link their accounts without even having to access the Alexa app.

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For the promotion of Daily Cricket Trivia, we took a three-pronged approach: reach out to existing users, promote it through Alexa channels, and spread the word with the help of ads on Amazon. In this IPL cricket season, Amazon is back with its special IPL cricket fever “Amazon Guess & Win Quiz”. This quiz is hosted on Amazon Funzone during the Indian Premier League every year. Participants have a chance to win exciting prizes during this trial period. This year, this quiz returns with lots of excitement and lots of prizes.

Prizes: Exciting prizes for guessing correct answers like Amazon Pay balance of ₹5000 and weekly MI Smart TV

Guess and Win is an Amazon fun zone quiz where the user must identify the answers by guessing and blocking the answer. This Amazon Guess & Win quiz has 2 different questions to predict the winner of the day’s IPL T20 match and daily Cricket trivia question. If you give all the correct answers, you will have a chance to win some rewards depending on the day of your split. This test is a prediction-based test, where you have to choose the answer based on the predictions.

Amazon Daily Cricket Trivia

The winners of this quiz will be declared at the end of it. For the Amazon Guess & Win daily quiz, winners will be announced the day after the quiz. The winners will be announced on the Amazon Quiz Winners page and informed by mail and SMS to Emil ID and the mobile phone number registered in the Amazon account. Amazon Alexa Daily Cricket Trivia Quiz is one of the most interesting quizzes in the Amazon Funzone section. As the name suggests, this quiz revolves around India’s favorite sport, cricket. Users can easily participate in this test using an Alexa-enabled device or simply by downloading the Alexa app on their smartphones. If you have been using Alexa for a long time, you can simply ask your device to “Alexa open daily cricket trivia” or “Alexa start daily cricket trivia” to participate in the quiz.

Daily Cricket Trivia Amazon Quiz

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The Amazon Alexa Daily Cricket Trivia Quiz is available in the “Fun Time with Alexa” subsection within Funzone. However, you can access the quiz without opening the Amazon mobile app because it works directly with Alexa. Additionally, this quiz features three voice-based questions every day. By giving the correct answer, you accumulate points that can be exchanged for Amazon gift vouchers and more.

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