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Center for International Relations

Objectives of MOU:

  • To provide possibilities of students and staff academic exchanges
  • To explore possibilities of joint research activities
  • To potentially work together on research initiatives, collaborative research publication, exchange of reports and other academic materials and information


  • University visited with a group of 54 students and 4 faculty from 12.6.2018 to 16.6.2018
  • 10 students completed internship at UM from 12.6.2018 to 16.6.2018
  • International Advisory Board- Dr.Sri Devi Ravana, Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya has become one of the members from 26.11.2019.
  • 33 students and 3 faculty members visited University of Malaya from 29.06.2019 to 3.7.2019.

Single Point of Contact  : Dr.P.John Augustine, Professor/CSE

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