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Higher Education Cell

In addition to facilitating students to get placed or becoming entrepreneurs, we also motivate students to pursue higher studies. 

The Centre for Higher Education facilitates the following for the students who wish to pursue higher studies:

  • Special On campus coaching classes are conducted for GRE, GATE, CAT, GMAT & TOEFL to help students pursue Master’s degree in India and abroad.
  • The Center provides systematic guidance on the various competitive examinations that would help students in getting jobs in public and private sectors, after their B.E degree.
  • Frequent awareness sessions by experts are conducted to update the students on the prospects of pursuing higher education.
  • Japanese and German Language Training is provided to students from first year onward which improves the prospects of the students with regard to placement and higher studies.

The Centre trains the students on 3 major verticals as follows:

Higher Studies


Competitive Exams

  • UPSC

Career in Defence

  • ARMY
  • NAVY
S.No Name Study Status Course Name of the University Country
1. Samson Amalkumar Completed MS( Automotive Engineering ) Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt Germany
2. Meenakshy Sundaresan  A Completed M.Sc (Sensor Systems Technology) Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences Germany
3. Girish Ramaswamy Completed MSc( Petroleum Engineering) Heriot-Watt University United Kingdom
4. Nived  Menon Completed MS in (IT & Analytics) Rutgers Business School,Rutgers university. NewJersy,USA
5. Yazhini. V Completed MS(Electrical&Compuer Engineering) Sungkyunkwan University South Korea.
6. Sruthi.V Completed MS(Micro&Nano Systems) Technical University Chemnitz Germany
7. Vinothkumar.S Completed PG Diploma(Operations Management) Fanshawe College Canada
8. Priyavathana PR Completed MS in Data Analytics RMIT University, Melbourne,Australia
9. Blesso.M Completed MBA Turiba University Latvia
10. Surendarkumar D Completed MSc.(International Business) Nottingham Trent University UK
11. Gowthaman S Completed MS(Industrial systems Engineering) University Of Regina Canada
12. Velvinila K Completed Master of Management Trent University Canada
13. Prasanth  MA Completed MS in Data Analytics National college of Ireland Ireland
14. Guhan.S Completed MBA in International Business Management & Logistics Systemsin Zekelmen School of Business & IT Canada
15. Mugesh Kumar D Completed MS in Mechanical Enginering University of Windsor Canada
16. Rakhul Moorthy Completed MSc in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics University of Hertfordshire UK
17. Dharshan Sharma Ongoing MS in Logistics, Materials and Supply chain Management SKEMA  Business School France
18. Ronak Patel Ongoing MS in Data Science London South Bank University London
19. Venisha John Ongoing MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management TU Dresden Germany
20. Soumya R Ongoing Master of Business Administration University of East London United Kingdom
21. Ragunath Anbarasu Ongoing MEng Electrical and Computer with Data science Specialization Carleton University Canada
22. Badhirinath Ongoing MS in Operational Excellence Hof University of Applied Science,Bavaria Germany
23. Vinith .S Ongoing MS in Applied Artificial Intelligence Deakin university Melbourne, Australia
24. Nithish Aravind.M.B Ongoing MSc in  Industrial systems Engineering University of  Regina Canada
25. Shiyam . J Ongoing Msc in Construction Project Management with BIM (Advanced practice) Northumbria University, Newcastle ,UK
26. Daraneesh. R Ongoing MS in Mechanical Engineering Technische Universität Clausthal Germany
27. Arun Prabagar Ongoing MS in Transportation Design and Engineering La’ Sapienza Universita Di Roma Rome,Italy.
28. Siddharthan Saravanan Ongoing MS in Data Science Newcastle  university UK
29. Pranav Prabhakar Ongoing MS in Game Programming DePaul University Chicago,United States of America(USA)

Faculty In charge :

Higher Education Cell

Dr.V.S.Akshaya M.E., PhD.


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