About COE


About COE

The Office of the Controller of Examinations plays an essential role in the academic activities of the college and is an important part of the autonomy. The CoE office is responsible to assess the continuous learning process of the students at defined intervals and publish the outcome for the students ensuring confidentiality.

The Responsibilities of the Office of the Controller of Examinations include

  1. Collection of student bio-data from the students.
  2. Mapping electives from the students for the current semester.
  3. Activities related to Continuous Internal Assessment of all courses of all programmes.
  4. Semester End Examinations (SEE) – Theory and Practical.
  5. Collection of Practical Examination schedule from the departments.
  6. Exam schedule preparation for Semester End Examinations.
  7. Appointment of External Examiners for practical examinations.
  8. Appointment of Evaluators, Chief Examiners and Chairman for Valuation.
  9. Arrangement for valuation of SEE theory scripts.
  10. Meetings on examination related matters.
  11. Processing and declaration of results after approval from RPB member.
  12. Recommend to Anna University for the award of degree to the qualified candidates.
  13. Issue of Duplicate Grade Sheet/ Certificate etc.,
  14. Addressing grievances of students, faculty and staff on examination related issues.

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